Sunday, October 5, 2008

Charleston, SC Copic Certification Training

I was in Charleston last week to attend the Certification training. What a day. We learned about the differences in the various markers, what they can do, how to change nibs, refill, airbrush, blend and more. Hey, did you realize the colorless blender doesn't? It's purpose is to remove color, move color or lighten color. If you've been trying to blend with it, try no more. It simply won't work. Over the next few months we'll use the Copic markers in classes and I'll share all the things I learned with you. If you need information before then Marianne's blog is FANTASTIC Marianne is the educator from Copic and is the Coloring Goddess. I believe when we choose gratitude good things just come to us. I am so very grateful for this amazing journey I am on.