Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Artiscape Columbus Ohio April 2009

I've just returned from a wonderful 3 day workshop filled with loads of great classes. I dabbed with Gesso, learned traditional pewter embossing, marbled paper the Japanese way collaged my heart out and, very best of all, took a class with Cheryl Darrow, the founder of Ten Seconds Studios. I have been attempting to teach myself to use the Ten Seconds Studios tools so it was really a gift to have that time under Cheryl's supervision to refine my skills. (and learn the correct way to do things...)

At the event there was an Art Show to beneft the Central Ohio Women's Fund. To enter a piece it had to have been hand made and had to include a skeleton ket in some way. Here's a photo of the piece I entered, it was the very first time I had ever entered a piece into anything so I was VERY nervous.... There was a silent piece required two biidding sold for $100... to CHERYL DARROW! Does it get ANY better than that?? The idea that this woman, whom I idolize and adore, thought my art was good enough to PAY FOR is such amazing reinforcement. I might actually have some talent! Who would have ever thought?? I have said it before, I am the most fortunate person on the planet. I love my life and this crazy journey that I am on. It simply couldn't be any better.