Friday, May 30, 2008

OUCH! This economy hurts!

While I can't do anything about the creepy oil prices and rising cost of groceries I can help to make your crafting and entertainment more affordable. I have created a "punch card" system. Take 4 classes, over any period of time, and the 5th class is free. It's that simple! This applies to any of the classes I teach :Newington, North Hampton, Manchester or the class can be as part of a private party.

Classes that include take home products can be taken as the free class, you'll just be responsible for the cost of the products included.

We are putting this into effect retroactively so those of you who have taken a class from me already, you'll get your filled in "punch card" the next time I see you. I hope this helps your budget and more importantly I hope this means I get to see you more frequently in one of my classes.

We are all in this together! Connie